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Digital printing in the clouds

Customer Italy leader for online digital photo printing, books and customizing fotogadget was born 4 years ago in Naples. With over 1000 products and 500 different media format to customize and printing.

The company received several national awards, including:

  • Best Buy Award of Altro Consumo – Consumers Association
  • 2° best site of digital online printing in the magazine Computer Bild
  • Rating 7.1 in the magazine Internet Magazine
  • Certified ecommerce store Aicel –Italian association of electronic commerce

The company was worthwhile for the year 2010 in advantages measure of the City of Naples for the development and innovation under the Law of financing n.266 of the Decree of the Minister of Productive Activities.

Is printing partner of

  • Microsoft
  • Google Picasa
  • Fotolia
  • Grande Fratello Foto
  • Fondazione BioParco di Roma
  • Gazzetta di Parma

The Problem

The company was founded in 2007 in the classic “garage” putting physical infrastructure and connectivity. The strong presence on search engines through accurate work of SEO and a word of mouth for the high level of customer satisfaction, led the small company to grow rapidly to over 100,000 registered customers and traffic of 600,000 page views / month. The need to grow further, both in terms of data, both in terms of features offered to customers, such as a photo gallery’s, has led the management to ask about the right moves and the right investments to be taken. They should invest in dedicated connectivity, several terabytes of storage and upgrades to the web server.

The solution

The solution proposed and implemented was a migration of everything related to the web portal in the Public Cloud. In case this migration has been carried out on Amazon Web Services using the following services:

  • ELB – Elastic Load balancing on two Availability Zones
  • EC2 EBS boot, like webserver, dbserver and processing server
  • AutoScaling Policy for the group of webserver
  • S3 – for the customer gallery
  • CloudFront to give download performance to static contents
  • SES – Simple Email Service for email comunications and newsletters
  • SNS – Simple Notification Service for all comunications related warning events

The advantages

The usage of amazon distributed  data centers around the globe, carries with it enormous potential for growth in bandwidth and storage space, and with no initial investment.

The opportunity to ask new power in terms of start automatically new webserver instances (in a peak traffic) and equally the chance to release these resources shuts down automatically during off-peak hours, with consequent cost efficiency of service, is a powerful advantage that will improve and streamline business processes.

The alarms and monitoring services and their associated policies give high availability to the solution.

Future developments

The scalable and  high performance architecture, housed in worldwide data centers, will allow the team to look out to European markets creating, also, new business models. The flexibility offered by cloud computing will test the creativity of the development team.

Customer testimonial

The administrator of, Antonio Calabrese, said:

“By now our infrastructure had become a bottleneck to our growth objectives, not being able to invest heavily in new equipment and in expensive connectivity contracts, rare for the Campania region, the solution proposed by our partners VMengine, allowed us to create a scalable infrastructure with pay per use model at significantly lower price respect other proposals that were pure expansion. From the point of view of energy consumption, having us laboratories with printing apparatus, the reduction of energy consumption resulting from the migration in the cloud has not been sensitive, but allowed us to not having to worry about a schedule to that effect. “

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