vmengine AWS solution provider

VMengine get the important award of being part of the AWS Solution Providers. A significant objective thatacknowledges and strengthens our long experience from that ‘in October 2007, the deep expertise in architectural solutions in complex, distributed infrastructure, high reliability, scalability and high traffic.

Amazon is the first and most comprehensive Cloud Provider, is among the most prolific providers in innovations,enhancements, updates and new features to its services. Within two months, Amazon has announced over 10 new,among which I quote:

  • SMS text message notifications
  • A new region in the (Oregon) that with Virginia and California are three only in the U.S.
  • A new region in Brazil (Sao Paulo) with which the market anticipates the development of South America, as well as the development of Asia has ridden region with Tokyo and Singapore
  • Elastic Load Balancing for Virtual Private Cloud
  • Three new point edge for the CDN and for DNS service Route53

Industry leadership and a capacity for considerable investment in innovation development and research as a few in this period of economic crisis. The cooperation started already a while and now officially recognized VMengine leads to a strong competitive advantage in this new market, complex, where there is much confusion among small and medium-sized Italian companies that may gain from this new paradigm.

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